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A great way to start with a change is having a well-balanced diet, nutrition is key for results. Not only will you start seeing a change in the mirror, not only will you hear people talk about your amazing transformation and how far you've made it but, transforming your body is a confidence booster. You feel better and you perform better within your daily activities. Yes, all foods have an impact on your mood, your activity levels and much more, this is why it is important to find the proper foods that work for you. Would you rather be sluggish all day or energetic? With countless hours every day and night of researching about nutrition and putting it to use, it took me almost 4 years to realize what i needed to provide my body in order to see the best results. Just this year of 2016 I recently started seeing a drastic change in my body and I've always wanted to compete but i never thought i was good enough. I'd watch the pros like Jeremy Buendia and Sadik Hadzovic and just tell myself there's no way i can get like that. I jumped out of my comfort zone and I channeled my energy in competing in the NPC Men's Physique Summer Classics in which i placed third in the open class. Note, it isn't that easy placing for your first show so I was completely blown away when i heard my name being called for 3rd. I didn't realize the top 3 qualify for nationals until one of the guys congratulated me after the show on heading to nationals. Now being nationally qualified I will go on to obtain my IFBB Men's Physique Pro-card in 2017 and may give Men's Classic Physique a go. I'm currently in my off season so more of my time will be dedicated to my company and helping those who need it! My ultimate goal is to help others realize the importance of exercising and adopting a healthy lifestyle. These actions will breed energy, courage and help you meet success, the more difficult tasks of life which will ultimately result in true contentment and enjoyment of life!

Beast Physique Athlete Perry Rayner 

- 4 WEEK MEAL PLANS ($35.00)

This includes a set meal plan with only certain types of foods you can eat. For 4 weeks you will only be able to consume the foods in the plan that is given to you. In addition, there will be a food chart given to you so that if you do not like or are allergic to a certain food product you may substitute that product from the correct food group.



This includes a more detailed meal program with foods you can work around your diet with. This plan isn't supposed to be so complicated and strict but i do recommend you follow EXACTLY what is on the plan. In order for me to make this right for you I will need your weight, height, and age. That way i can factor in what your MACRO (Protein, Carbs, Fats) intake should be at in order for you to reach your goal. Once, completed I will then see how much protein, carbs, and fats you need in each meal. In addition, I add in supplement recommendations and a grocery list of ALL foods you can have in this plan.


Once you decide which plan you would like send us your program preference in the contact box below and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible! 



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